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DCCC Growth Groups is a great way to connect and fellowship with other members of the DCCC community. Grow in your Faith and learn more about how Christ wants us to live together each week.
All members of DCCC are encouraged to join with a small group, we call them
Growth Groups. Growth Groups provide fellowship in the study of God’s Word, Prayer and the Sharing of life experiences; this is a vital part of being in the body of Christ.
Three primary reasons (objectives) for Growth Groups
  • Fellowship– coming together in a small group to get to know our church better
  • Prayer– enabling people to pray confidentially with a pastoral heart
  • Study God’s Word– to learn from Gods’ Word, the notes and the group members
This year our evening groups will study the book of Genesis
If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact any of the leaders or David at the DCCC office on 9448 5760