David Shaw
Pastor of Ministries
David joined the Eldership team in 1987, he was appointed as Pastor of Ministries in 2013 and is available at any time for pastoral care or marriage counselling. David is married to Suzanne with 4 children who are all married.
David Smith
David Smith joined the Eldership team in 2008. David is the principal of Perth Bible College and a gifted teacher at DCCC. David is married to Judy with 3 children.
James Dorn
James joined the Eldership team in 2013. James and his wife Kathleen served as full time missionaries in the Philippines for over 12 years and leads our mission and prayer ministry at DCCC.
Wes Budge 

Wes joined the Eldership team in 2002. Wes is a gifted teacher at DCCC and is the treasurer. Wes is married to Vikki with 3 children.

Sam Tweedie
Sam joined the Eldership team in 2018. Along with his wife Jaylene, they lead the Music Ministry at DCCC. Sam is a Physical Education teacher at a Christian School and is also the
Deputy Head of Learning Area. He married Jaylene in 2010 and they have 3 young children.